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Whether you’re a home owner, or run a commercial business, we’re your one-stop shop for a full range of glass-related needs, including windows, doors, shower screens, mirrors, shop-fronts, sky-lights, showcase panels, glass shelves, partition walls, stairway railings, balcony parapet, table-tops, aquarium tanks, automatic doors, wall mirrors, escalator side plates, elevators panels, etc.

We have various types of glass materials i.e. Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass to suit your needs.

Tempered Glass

is essentially annealed glass that is heat-treated which makes it several times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. It is manufactured by heating up the float glass to a high temperature of about 650ºC, then blowing air onto its surface, cooling it down swiftly and uniformly.
  Laminated Glass

has almost the same strength as ordinary annealed glass of the same thickness. Laminated glass is a safety glazing material made by bonding layers of glass, using heat and pressure, with one or more interlayers of tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The glass sheets may be of same or different thickness.
  Heat Strengthened Glass

is essentially annealed glass that has undergone controlled thermal treatment to increase its basic strength. The process of heat strengthening is very much similar to that of tempering, however the level of surface compression is lower.
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